Our Vision:

At Wallisdean Junior School we have an aspirational culture, where high expectations and self-motivation enable every individual to attain personal success, manage their health and wellbeing and take pride in their achievements.

Our children discover that learning is challenging, memorable, relevant and experiential. They develop a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty and mystery of the world and embrace opportunities to steer the direction of their own learning.

Our exciting, skills-based curriculum demonstrates the importance of enquiry, critical thinking and innovation, which equips our children for their future as resourceful, resilient, confident and responsible citizens in a changing, technological world.

Children are supported to develop their own moral code, respecting the beliefs and culture of others, preparing them for citizenship in multicultural, modern Britain.

We recognise the vital role of the family in the development of the whole child and know that children thrive when they feel safe, cherished and valued. We strive to create a strong supportive relationship, in which school and family work hand in hand.

Our Vision has the development of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) at its’ heart.

For our updated SMSC Policy please click here.