Teaching and Curriculum

Our Curriculum:

Most of our curriculum is organised into stimulating and engaging topics.

Each half term the children experience something exciting and motivating to hook them into their learning. This ignites their passion to explore and learn.   Examples of hooks used include: a fabulous puppet show, a crime scene and the discovery of an ancient tomb.

To foster the skills of independence each topic contains an element of pupil choice. This is where each child has the opportunity to study something that is of particular interest to them and in a way which suits their style of learning. Whilst the content of each topic is varied, they are all underpinned by key skills, such as investigation, communication and design. These are developed in a systematic way as the children progress through the school.

Each topic leads the children to a final outcome, which not only provides a purpose for their learning, but showcases their achievements. Examples of final outcomes include: a Celtic Festival, a Chocolate Trade Fair and a Manifesto presented to Governors detailing the children’s promises to ensure Wallisdean Junior School becomes ‘greener’ in the future. Parents are often invited to these final outcome events to share in their children’s successes and to witness first hand their increasing confidence and independence.