Learning Power Words

At Wallisdean Junior School, we use Learning Power Words. These help children to develop more of a growth mindset to help them become better learners, cope with challenges and be proud of their achievements. 

The 5 Learning Power words are:


Responsible people take control of themselves.  They do not blame other people or other things when things don’t go their way.  Responsible people can be responsible for many things, including their own learning and their own behaviour.  


Resourceful people do their best to find a way to do something, whether that be with their school work which they might be finding difficult, or with something more personal like a problem with a friend.


Resilient people keep on smiling, even when things are tricky. Resilient people see problems as a challenge rather than something to be feared.  Resilient people have learned to use strategies to help them cope when times get tough.


Proud people take pride in themselves - the way they look, behave and work. They are aware of their talents, as well as the things they are not so good at yet. 


Confident people are not afraid to give their opinions, although they know not to say things to upset other people.  They are confident because they know what is important to them and what they value the most. 

The children work on these during lessons, circle times, assemblies and our Learning to Learn programme and there are displays and reminders around the school.